Civil Engineering

Data di pubblicazione: 15 Febbraio 2018
Sede: Marche: Pesaro e Urbino

Descrizione annuncio

Selezioniamo profili professionali per attività di Ingegneria c/o nostra filiale.

La richiesta è indirizzata ai soli domiciliati nella zona di Fano.

  • Topographic survey along pipeline route;
  • Survey for crossings at rivers, roads, railways, etc.;
  • Geotechnical and environmental survey to identify constraints such as landslides, faults, earthquakes, floods, currents at river crossings, vegetation, fauna, etc.;
  • Soil investigation survey for determination of type and consolidation of ground to assess the degree of excavation difficulty and for foundation design (burial and/or support design);
  • Water table levels investigation where pipeline is to be buried;
  • Soil resistivity survey along the pipeline route for coating selection and cathodic protection;
  • Typical civil construction drawings;
  • Assembly layout drawings;
  • Earthwork layouts;
  • Plot Plans;
  • Foundation Plan of reinforced concrete works;
  • Civil material MTO;
  • Specification for earthworks;
  • Specification for reinforced concrete works;
  • Specification for civil and mechanical pipeline works;
  • Right of Way clearing;
  • Transport and pilling-up of materials (pipes, casing, valves, coating of materials, etc);
  • Trench excavation.