Electrical Engineering

Data di pubblicazione: 15 Febbraio 2018
Sede: Marche: Pesaro e Urbino

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Design of Pipeline Cathodic Protection System, typically impressed current type composed of:

  • T/R units;
  • Impressed current anodes;
  • Groundbed system;
  • Junction box;
  • Insolating or flanges joint;
  • Test point;
  • Cable;

Preparation of technical package (material take off, specifications, data sheets, drawings and all other technical documents) for enquire:

  • Cathodic protection system;
  • Power supply and distribution systems;
  • Electrical/fibre optic cables;

Preparation of specifications for pipeline construction, installation and testing, covering the following activities and equipment:

  • Cathodic protection and leak detection systems;
  • Cables;
  • Antennas;
  • Control and telecommunication systems;
  • Backfilling and reinstatement.